생활속의 위성항법, 보다 안전하게 제공하겠습니다!

Vision & Goals


To provide maritime safety information for the citizens' safety and happiness


To accelerate smartification of maritime and fisheries through the technological innovation of maritime navigation

Core Values (TRUST)

To achieve public trust by providing accurate and stable maritime safety information

Trust(Internalization of future
maritime technology),Respect(Sole Korean organization for maritime positioning
),Useful infra(Establishment of service infrastructures for maritime safety),Social Responsibility(Fulfillment of social responsibilities),Think wide(Sustainable organization)

Strategic Tasks

Advancement of maritime navigation technology
  • To improve the technological competitiveness of the global maritime navigation technology
  • To commercialize advanced maritime navigation systems
Stable operation of maritime navigation infrastructures
  • To gain reliability on maritime navigation information
  • To strengthen the security of ICT infrastructure
Maritime safety information services for everyday life
  • To promote maritime safety by utilizing smartphones
  • To strengthen maritime weather information services
Strengthening of organizational capabilities for the realization of social values
  • To strengthen communication and participation with/by the public
  • To continue development through business innovation