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Overview of the Services

NTRIP(Network Transport of RTCM via Internet Protocol)

  • The conventional differential global navigation satellite system (DGNSS) uses medium-wave media to send global navigation satellite system (GNSS) position error correction signals. In contrast, NTRIP uses the Internet network to send GNSS correction signals.
    • RTCM(Radio Technical Committee for Maritime Service)
      • GNSS correction signal transmission data format
  • It is an applied protocol that uses the Internet to transmit real-time GNSS data.
  • NTRIP is capable of wireless access through the mobile IP network based on hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP).
  • NTRIP Server
    • It transmits NTRIP source data to the NTRIP Caster through the HTTP server.
  • NTRIP Caster
    • It can distribute data to around 1,000 users simultaneously.
  • NTRIP Client
    • It transmits DGNSS data using a terminal with Internet access.
    • It is capable of using a floating IP network as it uses the Internet (TCP/IP).

How to Use NTRIP Client

  • How to start:
    1. 1Download and install NTRIP Client Download NTRIP Client
    2. 2Access NMPNT's NTRIP Caster through NTRIP Client
      • NMPNT's NTRIP Client
        • Select the purpose of use, then access
      • Other general purpose (NTRIP Client)
        • Host/Port : / 2101
        • ID/PW : nmpnt / nmpnt
    3. 3Select Mountpoint and receive data
      • MountPoint: Observatory name_Data format (e.g., OKCH_RTCM23: Okcheon Monitoring Station’s RTCM2.3)

NTRIP Service Blueprint

DGNSS데이터 > Server > Caster > Internet > 단말기


Positioning Method

NTRIP 측위 방식

DGNSS 코드 해독식

RTK 반송파 해독식

Observes the distance through the time observation of the code as radio signals travel from the satellite to the receiver. Observes the distance by using the phase of a carrier wave existing from the satellite to the receiver.

RTCM Message by Version

RTCM 메시지 버전별 정보에 대한 구분, 수신기버전 지역, RTCM2.0(DGPS), RTCM2.3(RTK), RTCM3.0(RTK), RTCM3.2(RTK), 수신기, 비고(F/M Ver.) 제공
Category Version
RTCM2.0(DGPS) RTCM2.3(RTK) RTCM3.0(RTK) RTCM3.2(RTK) Receiver Remarks
Inland Reference Stations Chungju     NetR9  
Seongju     NetR9  
Yeongju     NetR9  
Pyeongchang     NetR9  
Muju     NetR9  
Chuncheon     NetR9  
Maritime Reference Station Eocheongdo     NetR9  
Palmido     NetR9  
Socheongdo     NetR9  
Gageodo     NetR9  
Geomundo     NetR9  
Marado     NetR9  
Yeongdo     NetR9  
Homigot     NetR9  
Ulleungdo     NetR9  
Jumunjin     NetR9  
Jeojin     NetR9  
Inland Integrity Monitoring Station Samcheok (Pyeongyang)    NetR9  
(Chungju, Yeongju)
Hongcheon (Chuncheon)    NetR9  
Mungyeong (Seongju)    NetR9  
Daejeon (Muju)    Alloy  
Maritime Integrity Monitoring Station Dokdo    NetR9  
Anheung    NetR9  
Maldo    NetR9  
Hongdo    NetR9  
Dangsado    NetR9  
Sorido    NetR9  
Seoimal    NetR9  
Gasado    NetR9  
Jukbyeon    NetR9  
Sokcho    NetR9  
(Place/Operating/To be added)
17 / 17 / 0 34 / 34 / 0 34 / 34 / 0
85 / 85 / 0