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About Haeroad

About Haeroad (海Road)

  • A mobile app for maritime safety developed by the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries for small vessel users (fishing boats, leisure boats, etc.) who do not have navigation equipment.

Main Features

  • Electronic Navigational ChartProvides a reference electronic navigation chart
    and a standard map/satellite map, as well as services based on user location.
  • Rescue RequestIn the event of an emergency, a rescue request text containing the user’s coordinate is sent to the coast guard/fire station.
  • Save Route/Point of InterestAllows user to save route of vessel and points of interest.
  • Marine WeatherProvides marine weather information including water temperature, temperature, wind direction, and wind speed for all seas.
  • Marine TrafficProvides NAVTEX marine safety information, such as navigational warning and special weather report, through text messages.
  • Information on Nearby ShipProvides location information of large ships nearby and proximity warning by using the AIS information of the General Information Center on Maritime Safety and Security (GICOMS).
  • Vessel Traffic Services (VTS)Allows users to connect and call nearby VTS, and also sends notifications when entering/leaving controlled areas in each sea.
  • Send My LocationAllows users to share their location with friends.

Screenshots of Haeroad's Main Features

  • 메인화면 이미지Main page
  • 긴급 구조 요청Emergency rescue request
  • 해도/지도 화면 이미지Navigation chart/map
  • 목적지 검색 화면 이미지Search destination
  • 관심지정 저장 화면 이미지Save point of interest
  • 경로저장 화면 이미지Save route
  • 해양기상정보/교통문자발송 화면 이미지Marine weather information/marine traffic texts
  • AIS를 이용한 대형선박전급 알림 화면 이미지Proximity warning for large ships nearby
  • 해상교통 관제 구역 알림 화면 이미지Notification on marine traffic control zones
  • 내 위치 전송 화면 이미지Send my location