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Marine Activities

Application areas of GNSS:
Marine Activities

Sailing and Fishing

GNSS can be applied to marine navigation like its current general operations and for the accuracy of fishing activities.
In the ocean, users can use DGNSS to find accurate sailing route of the ship as well as the ship’s speed and other information. In addition, accurate coordinates of places where fishermen experience abundant catch can be recorded in the data so that they can identify the precise locations in the next fishing sessions; thus maximizing profit.

Marine Surveying and Dredging Guide

When surveying and dredging in the ocean by installing standard survey equipment, surveying and dredging are very difficult. These are also time-consuming due to the ship used for surveying and dredging shaking excessively. With the implementation of GNSS, however, it is now possible to survey or dredge without being limited to weather conditions by establishing a positioning system using DGNSS. It shortens the survey time significantly as well.

Currently, many dredging and surveying companies in South Korea utilize correction values broadcast by the DGNSS Reference Station under the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries in their dredging or marine surveying work.